Oberon, The One and Only

Trident Champion, Defender of Faerun, Justicebringer of Elturel


Race: Human
Class: Fighter
Background: Entertainer/Gladiator

AC: 19
Height: 6’0"
Weight: 198lbs
Hair color: Brown

Strong stats: Strength, Dexterity, Charisma
Okay stats: Constitution, Intelligence, Wisdom
Weak stats: None

Favorite weapons: Trident and Flail w/ Shield
Favorite moves: back handed flail, trident twirl and throw.

Amount of handkerchiefs from fans: 5 kept under chestplate, over 30 in his bag.


YOUTH. Oberon grew up in Luskan, which is northwest of Neverwinter. He was captured as a boy by pirates and sold to the Zhentarim to be trained as a pit fighter, often fighting at Dragon’s Breach, a lawless old harbor that the guards even fear to enter. He has little to no memory of his parents or his captors; just a few memories of crashing waves, fires, and screams. After achieving some small fame through many fights against other teenagers, the Zhentarim equipped Oberon with chain mail and shield, along with training him in acrobats, tumbling, and athletics. He became the poster boy for the Zhentarim presence in the gladiatorial arenas. His nicknames progressed from Oberon the Sea Urchin, to Oberon the Illuskan, to Oberon the One and Only.

TRIDENT CHAMPION. While at a gladiator tournament in Waterdeep, called The Gladiator Tournament of The Trident , Oberon had a short but meaningful relationship with the daughter of the Lord and Lady hosting the tournament. For winning the tournament, Oberon was given an ornate trident by the Lord and Lady Morecraft. The daughter, Ileana, who’s name Oberon has never mentioned to anyone, gave Oberon a necklace with the symbol of trident as a symbol of their forbidden love, as Oberon has no status despite his fame. He always wears the necklace and always keeps the trident by his side. To his fans, the trident became his signature and best weapon.

TO GREENEST. After winning the tournament, the Zhentarim allowed Oberon to travel to the towns of his choosing and to fight only when he wants, as an injury occurring from too much fighting would not good for the image of the Zhentarim. Oberon would be heading through Greenest along the Uldoon Trail for a small sponsored fight. It’s not an important fight, mostly set up as a meet and greet for the people of Greenest. Perhaps Oberon runs into the group on the Uldoon Trail. He would attack any bandits or thieves, but would need a reason to stop cultists and seek out battles.

THE GRAND FIGHT THAT NEVER WAS. Once in Greenest, Oberon helped the other “Avengers” to stop the attackers and to save the townspeople. In some places, it was easy for Oberon, such as going to the tavern to capture cultists. He said “We only need two prisoners,” as he brought down one of the cultists with his mighty flail, “and he’s not one of them. So who’s joining him and who’s coming with us?” In other places, death almost seemed certain. When the group foolishly ambushed a raiding party attacking a church and 20 or so reinforcements followed behind them. Oberon went straight to protecting the children and other townspeople hiding in a house. Upon returning to the keep with around 20 survivors, a blue half dragon challenged an opponent in a one on one battle. Oberon feels that the fight should have been his, but he was too wounded from battle to be at his best. He knew Xander would be the stronger champion, setting aside his pride and ego for the good of the town. After Xander had fallen to the dragon man, Oberon knew that it was his responsibility to help Xander track the dragon man down and to end him. When the time finally came, Oberon stabbed the half dragon in the back of the knee and gave the killing shot to Xander.

AFTER GREENEST. Once Greenest was saved, Oberon was contacted by the Zhentarim and was hired to follow the cultists and find out what plans this Cult of the Dragon had. The Zhentarim would set up some fights along the way and pay him a biweekly wage. Since he technically belongs to the Zhentarim, almost like a slave, he would need to buy his freedom from them if he ever chooses to leave the gladiator life behind. Oberon knows that the average life expectancy of a gladiator is 27, he only has a couple more years to live if he does not gain freedom. Or else the Zhentarim would set up a fight with their newest prodigy with Oberon and stage the fight against him.

Oberon, The One and Only

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